We Quit our Jobs & Sold Everything to Travel the World

We Quit our Jobs & Sold Everything to Travel the World




We Quit our Jobs & Sold Everything to Travel the World

We made the crazy decision to quit our jobs, sell everything we own and TREAD the Globe for evermore. After losing some friends of similar ages and Marianne donating a kidney to her best friend Kate – we realised that life is precious and must not be taken for granted. There must be more to life than working the 9-5 job for the next 20 years. After all life isn’t a dress rehearsal right !

It was then that we decided to quit and sell everything. It’s a huge challenge to down size from a large house to a camper van and one that took us months.

We have set ourselves the challenge to set foot in every country in the world. Some countries will be in Trudy the TREAD Campervan and others will be with just our rucksacks on our back.

As we TREAD the Globe, we want to find & share with you inspirational people doing amazing things. People who are really making a difference.

So come on this adventure with us as we try and get used to living in our van. We will share with you all the tips and advice that we learn along the way. One thing you can be sure of with us there will be lots of fun, laughter and of course food !


We would love to know if you think this is insane or inspirational so leave a comment and let us know that you think.

Chris & Marianne x

6 thoughts on “We Quit our Jobs & Sold Everything to Travel the World

    1. Hi Both – there is NO hopefully about it !! – we will make sure that we meet up again – you were so lovely and such delightful fun to be with on that amazing day in Paris – France that I know that we will have more fun in other cities across the Globe !! – must do some Treading together this year !! 2018 is our year girls and boys !!! much love and warmth sending healing and friendship across the pond to you both 🙂 Marianne xxxxx (in the UK we use x’s to show kisses …. is it the same in the USA ?)

      1. HAHA – in the US, we use XOXO to mean hugs and kisses! I have to figure we ended up meeting you guys in Paris…we have had a year of learning that time and experience is way more important than and appearance at the office. We will travel along with you by blog until our paths cross again – Safe travels wherever the roads/currents/etc take you XOXO lori.

    1. Ha ha – Thanks Tony. All is going well and we had the first viewings on the house yesterday. Hope you liked the video. We can’t wait to hit the road – wont be long now !

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