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Have you ever dreamt of quitting your job, selling up and heading off on an adventure?   

Well that’s exactly what we did !




We are Chris & Marianne Fisher

Chris had a successful career in the 5 star hotel industry, Marianne as a secretary and administrator.  Together we have owned a thriving pub and successful restaurant.   Most recently we both worked at our local NHS Hospital.

In 2017, we lost a couple of friends and one of our closest friends, Kate, had been suffering from kidney failure, spending hours on a dialysis machine and like so many people, needed a donor.  Marianne put herself forward and after a couple of years of tests / planning, they finally got the go ahead and later that year became a living donor.


This gave us one of life’s reality checks and we realised life was for living !!


We have always loved adventure and dreamt of travelling full time.  Therefore, at the age of 47 & 50, we decided that we would make it happen and in a way that is sustainable.  So, we made the decision to sell all of our belongings and rent out our house to fund our adventures !!



We officially launched TREAD the Globe in May 2018, when we started travelling full time

The aim of TREAD (Travel Responsibly, Eat, Adventure, Dive) was to create a brand that would share our journey of full time travels, in either TRUDY the TREAD van,  OLIVE the Overlander or with a rucksack, to inspire others to become more adventurous and fulfil their own dreams.



After getting our house ready for rental and selling all of our belongings we moved into our Campervan ‘Trudy’ in May 2018. For the past 8 months we have experienced full time  ‘Van Life’.
Our first adventure was 12 weeks navigating the entire coastal road of  Ireland, including the Wild Atlantic Way.

We returned through the UK and then in September we headed over the Channel visiting  France, Belgium, the Netherlands,  Andorra, Germany and Spain.

We are currently in Belize as part of our 5 months exploring Central America.




Our ultimate goal is to visit every country in the world and we already have some exciting plans over the next couple of years.  At the end of June we return to the UK, after spending 5 months in Central America.

Then, we will be spending 6 months, adapting our Campervan Trudy and planning the adventure of a lifetime.

In January 2020 we will be setting of to drive around the world in our old van.


20+ Countries  –  20+ Months  –  2020 start date


The good news is all of our adventures will be filmed and put on Youtube and our other social media platforms, so you get to come on this adventure with us.

Make sure to check out the TREAD’s Global Expedition tab to learn more about this amazing overland adventure.

Very exciting times ahead and we would love you to be part of our adventure. We do live updates on our Facebook, Intagram and Twitter pages.  Video blogs (vlogs) are posted on our YouTube channel three times a week.

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