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Why 360° Videos

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Have you ever watched a TREAD video and wanted to jump into the screen?

These 360° videos will allow you to feel like you are with us. Raw, uncut, unedited videos  – sharing it all, exactly as we experienced it. 

We welcome you to join us and get the opportunity to come along and to be part of the behind the scenes TREAD the Globe exclusive. 

How to watch

You can watch these videos on your phone, tablet or computer. Whilst watching the video, you can change the viewing angle and look around.

On your computer you can use the mouse to change viewing angle.

If watching on your phone – use your finger to swipe the screen. Some devices may change angle moving the phone like you are looking around.

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At night Kuala Lumpur has a different feel.Take a 20 minute walk with us from the Pavillion shopping centre to the city’s main food street. At night Jalan Alor is closed to traffic and is completely filled with a huge selection of restaurants and food stands – It’s one of our favourite spots.


Trudy stands out a bit and so it’s not unusual to get pulled over. This is one of those times in Japan.

Watch the Full video library with new content added monthly


A trip to Kuala Lumpur isn’t complete without a visit to the Batu Caves. Join us as we take you up the 272 steps (avoiding the naughty monkeys) and experience the most amazing cave temple.

Come for a drive through the heart of Malaysia’s capital city Kuala Lumpur.  We set off from outside the Central Market and drive through China Town and beyond.

Join us for a drive though Malaysia’s Cameron Highlands.  We take you on a drive from the Boh Tea plantation, down a narrow road that winds through the tea fields – Buckle up


Come and join us for a drive though Bangkok traffic as we leave our hotel and head to the customs office.  Buckle up!

After some complications crossing into Thailand we had to spend 9 days in the border town of Dannok. We take you on a walk from the border to where we were staying. A great introduction for our time in Thailand.

Join us as we  experience Thailand’s Maeklong Railway Market.  This market located at the south of Bangkok is unique because it is located on a railway track  and every time a train comes the stalls have to move to allow the train to pass though.


Whilst we were waiting for Trudy to arrive in India we explore India’s largest flower market. Join us for a raw unedited 360 immersive market walk.