A Cry For Help

“Anything is possible if we all come together”

Architect impression of centre

When we met Seher and asked her “If we had a magic wand, what would you wish for?” 

Without even taking a breathe, she said that she would love to be able to have built a Conservation Centre (which she had already received  planning permission for) so she would be able to educate the children from the schools in Turkiye, and all the visitors local and international who come to the beach, about the importance of conservation. 

She also gave us a smile and said that some kind of transport would be great too!!  Seher had to walk miles each day, beach cleaning and marking nests in temperatures that often hit over 36°C.

We decided that our skillset was to create videos, and that maybe if we could film a short video detailing her story, that shared her plight with our community (that is YOU) and then if our community could share it too.  So the video was made, and the GoFundMe page that we set up.

The ATV you funded

YOU – The TREAD community all responded, and within weeks we had raised enough funds to get not only the centre built, but also enough to buy Seher and the Dekafok Turtle Project an ATV.

A few weeks after the GoFundMe page was set up the centre was delivered

Later that year we returned to mark the official opening of Dekafok’s Turtle Centre, and many of you met us there to show your support – Thank you!