Have you ever dreamed of quitting your job, selling up and heading off into the sunset. 

Well that’s exactly what we are in the process of doing.



Hi, we are Chris (46) and Marianne (49) and in early 2017, we made the decision that life was not a dress rehearsal and that we should enjoy every moment of it – to the fullest and so we decided to live out our dream of travelling the world on a full time basis.

This is us Chris & Marianne



One of our closest friends, Kate, has been suffering from kidney failure, spending hours on a dialysis machine and like so many people, needed a donor.  Marianne put herself forward and after a couple of years of tests / planning, they finally got the go ahead and earlier this year became a living donor –   This gave us one of life’s reality checks!



So, what is our plan?  Well the beauty is there doesn’t have to be an exact plan, as we have no time constraints, but we do have some idea and we want to share this journey with you.  Marianne aims  to show you that you can lead a fully normal (crazy) life after donating a kidney and for those that know her, she can be crazy!  (Maybe we can start a monthly Marianne challenge?).

Do you just want a moment of escape during your lunch break? or are looking for some inspiration on where to go for your next holiday?   Maybe you are thinking of quitting your job? or taking a year out to TREAD the globe as well, but aren’t sure how to do it, or how to travel so you can afford it?


Follow our journey where we will share our experiences, knowledge and lots of exciting adventures and show how you too can TREAD the Globe.

We made it into the local paper

The TREAD campervan has been bought and we are selling our things and getting ready to set off.

So – SUBSCRIBE !! and follow us if you want to:

– See how we get ready to travel full time.

– See if we achieve our dream of stepping foot in every country in the world

– Learn about sustainable travel and enjoying the world whilst protecting the environment.

– See if we can we make it to every World Heritage Site.

– Watch our You Tube Channel where we will film our adventures such as our plan to Dive with schools of hammerhead sharks on the Galapagos Islands – yes, we love diving and sharks! Sample video clip below:

– See how much it costs in various parts of the world and see if we afford to TREAD the globe for ever more

– Learn with us on how to travel long term around Europe and beyond in a Campervan

– Learn great travel tips, with money saving ideas and experience the best the world has to offer as we TREAD the globe.

Remember that life is for living and we encourage you do live your dream, whatever that dream maybe.

We look forward to TREADing the Globe with you!