Welcome to Tread the Globe

“A Year from now, you will wish you had started today”
Karen Lamb

Have you ever dreamt of selling up, quitting your job and heading off into the unknown for the adventure of a lifetime?  Well that’s exactly what we did, when we set off on our full time travels in May 2018.

After 30 years of hard work we had the ‘perfect’ life – we had a nice house, good jobs and lots of ‘stuff’

However after the passing of a couple of friends who were younger than us and Marianne’s friend needed a kidney transplant (yes Marianne actually donated her best friend a kidney).

We decided that life was short and needed to be lived.

Who’s to say we would make it to retirement?

You only get one life – make sure you live it !

Photo of Trudy the TREAD the Globe campervan

In the summer of 2017 Chris walked out work for the last time and spent nearly a year selling everything in the house to get it ready to rent out – that way we would have a steady income. We bought a 14 year old Campervan called ‘Trudy” with the money we had accumulated and that is our new home when we are not backpacking.

In May 2018 we set off in ‘Trudy’ on our full time adventures and have been travelling full time ever since.

Who are we?

We are Chris (49) and Marianne (51), a normal married couple from the UK.  We were actually blind dated back in the summer of 1995 and were married in just a year and a week later. Sometimes blind dates do work ! 23 years later we still spend most of the day laughing and having fun – we are still best friends ! We have kids who have flown the nest and are making their own lives.

Travel and adventure has always been in our lives.  Chris’s dad spent his whole life working for British Airways and gave him the opportunity to have some great holidays growing up and they even lived in the USA, Australia and Singapore.

Marianne was also brought up with adventure in her blood as her dad loved doing unusual trips, he sailed the Atlantic, rode his bike across North Africa and once drove to Russia.  She spent her childhood in France and so speaks fluent French and enjoys languages.

We are a normal couple on an extraordinary adventure

About TREAD the Globe

TREAD the Globe was officially launched in May 2018 and its aim is to help inspire others, to live their dreams and to step out of their comfort zones. Dreams really do come true and we want to take you on this adventure with us.

Encouraged by our family and friends, we created a YouTube channel to bring our adventures to life, so that you can feel like you are travelling with us.  It is also a great way for us to capture the wonderful memories we are creating.  We have now posted over 200 travel videos on our channel and show you what it’s really like, to do what we’re doing.

What's the plan?

When we set off on this adventure, we decided that we wanted to see and experience the far flung corners of the world and not to just go to the places we liked or felt comfortable with. What better way to step out of our comfort zones, than to set ourselves a couple of challenges.

So we are attempting to visit every country in the world!

That’s a huge challenge and although due to political situations some counties are not possible to go to now, but this is an alternative lifestyle change and one that we are planning to do, for as long as health and finances permits. So for the countries that we can’t visit this year, in 5, 10 or 20 years time, we hopefully will be able to. The ultimate aim, is to visit every country, and we will achieve this in a number of ways. Many countries will be visited in our Campervan ‘Trudy’ others we will be carrying a backpack and staying in hostels. Although we have been to about 35 countries before we started TREAD. We couldn’t decide if we should count them, some we did before we got together, others as holiday but ultimately they weren’t filmed for our YouTube Channel so we decided to start on zero again. We started our travels with 8 months in ‘Trudy’, which gave us a fast introduction to Vanlife and took us around the entire coastal road of Ireland, then to France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Andorra and Spain.

Your life is your story - write well, edit often!

In Jan 2019 we set off on a backpacking trip to Central America, a first for both of us and we spent 5 months exploring Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, Belize & Honduras.

We’re going to drive around the world in ‘Trudy’ our camper-van

Yes that’s not a typo, we really are going on the ultimate adventure. Check out our current adventure tab to get all the information.

What to expect from us

We want you (The TREAD Tribe) to be part of this journey and to really feel like you are coming with us as we TREAD the GLOBE. After all the content we produce is for you. We post regular videos on our YouTube channel showing where we are and what we are doing.

we love engaging with you

We want to show you parts of the world you have never thought about and hope to inspire you to step out of your comfort zones. We will post blog posts on the site, (and these will include tips, tricks and hacks that we pick up on our travels ) however we don’t want to just repeat the information that is already included on our YouTube Videos.

Monthly income and expenditure

Lots of you ask us how we can afford to do this, or how much it costs. We want to be really open so you feel part of TREAD, so we are going to share with you all of our monthly income and expenditure.


As we pick up tips, tricks and hacks on our travels, we want you to benefit from it as well, so will be sharing these on our blog posts.

Thank you for your support and we hope you enjoy coming with us as we TREAD the Globe.

Fill your life with adventure, not things. Have stories to tell, not stuff to show.
Chris & Marianne