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The Shropshire couple have so far visited 35 countries and travelled more than 80,000 miles – and spent 95 days stranded in a car park in Istanbul, Turkey, at the height of the Covid pandemic.

BBC Multi Story podcast

This is not a holiday, but a complete change in lifestyle – the married couple are aiming to step foot in every country in the world. But plans have been somewhat altered by a global pandemic.

Studio 10 Australia

The Couple Who Travel Together, Thrive Together
Ever found yourself thinking “I’m going to quit my job and travel the world”? Well middle-aged couple Chris and Marianne did just that and share how you could too.

The Times

A British couple who are travelling the world in a campervan have become social media celebrities after being forced by the coronavirus crisis to park in Turkey.

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Shropshire Star

Telford couple aiming to travel the world in their camper van named Trudy.
Happy travellers Chris and Marianne Fisher are getting into gear for the drive of their lives – they are setting off around the world in their camper van.

Show TV

Corona hit to the world tour with caravan!
We have been in Turkish news while we were living in a carpark in Istanbul.

Daily Sabah

Globe-trotting British couple enjoys safety of Turkey amid pandemic
Chris and Marianne Fisher were set to travel around the world in their humble camper van when they left Shropshire, England in January. This was a time when little was known about the coronavirus, and it was thought to be exclusive to China.