Frequently Ask Questions

Initially after working for 30 years and paying off our mortgage, we sold our belongings and rented out our house to create a sustainable way to travel with a regular income. But this would only enable us to go on small European adventures and this is one of the reasons we decided to give up early retirement and work as content creators. We now generate an income from our videos and Tread Tribe Patreon page. This allows us to use the income to fund more extreme and challenging adventures. If you like to join our Tread Tribe Patreon page. Check out the support us page.

This is one of our most common questions. Basically you can’t !! MOTs can only be issued from a garage in the UK. Your UK MOT (Ministry of Transport) Safety inspection certificate is only valid / required for your UK based insurance (including the countries on your Green Card).
When we travel outside of the EU we purchase that countries vehicle insurance and get a temporary import document that gives us permission to drive in that country for a set period of time. We always stay legal and make sure we have the right paperwork in each country we are transiting through. Each country will make you complete and pay the necessary fees at the border or port as you enter.
** We have heard that in some countries around the world you may be asked to do a local safety inspection, but this is not something we have personally encountered yet.

We reached that age, you know that age! People that you love… well you know the rest! The final straw was Marianne donating a kidney to her oldest friend who actually blind dated us, and that was the moment that we realised that we too are not going to live forever. So we always knew we wanted to ‘retire early’. But Chris is a workaholic and loves learning new skills and challenging himself (let’s face it this is why he married Marianne!). But life on the road was so great and we enjoyed it so much that we decided to make Youtube a full time job to grow our channel to sustain our adventures… present and future!

One of the strangest questions we get! Marianne drives because Chris does the filming and editing - division of roles is something that just comes naturally to us. We have been married long enough to know what we are both good at and don’t compete or need to have Pink jobs and Blue jobs. Plus Marianne can’t edit, but is a better driver!! ** Full disclaimer - Chris can and does drive off camera.

This is hard! Staying flexible and researching is probably the only answer - we are constantly reading articles, Facebook groups and researching new routes - routes are opening and closing all the time so staying on top of it is HARD!! But as we say this was never supposed to be easy - just Epic !! We think that logistically this has been the hardest thing we have ever done and added to the challenge of driving around the world, we have had to deal with the impacts of a global pandemic, extreme weather and some of our existing route has been closed due to war. As we say - we can only for the things we can control!!