frequently asked questions


Below, you will find the answers of frequently asked questions including travel, van life and some personal stuff.

Do you have Children?

Our kids are adults and tell us what to do … does that count? LOL

Your MOT / SORN has run out, what will you do?

The MOT is only required for our UK based insurance and countries that are on our Green Card. We are not not planning on being in any of those countries for a while and will be living on the road for a while. Of course when we ship back to the UK we will get Trudy a new MOT !

Do you miss family?

We work on the road …. So for us using online social media platforms to stay connected is normal, this year more than ever, people realise that if you really want to stay connected and value relationships you can. Fortunately we have a massively supportive family who make the time and effort to keep in touch.

Do you miss living in a house?

Living in Trudy and travelling for us is a choice … We choose this lifestyle so it is perfect for us!

Do you argue or fight living in such a small space?

We could, is the honest answer! But we made an agreement years ago, if you have nothing nice, kind or supportive to say … don’t say anything at all!! This has helped us massively in our relationship and we genuinely, sickeningly do get on. (we have heard that we are #couplegoals!) LOL