My First week blogging – Panic, Papers and Interviews

My First week blogging – Panic, Papers and Interviews

As the recovery from the leaving party settles and Marianne heads off to work on Monday morning, I arise with enthusiasm and dread thinking of the amount of work to be done.  It’s not work as we know it, sat at the desk answering emails from the boss, but there is a lot to do to get ready to travel full time.  There’s working out how to sell all our ‘stuff’, learning about the tech that we will need as full time bloggers, from photography, go pros, video editing software, You Tube channels, Gimbals, drones and so much more that I haven’t even heard of yet.

I was keen to get some basics done, to help promote the blog and our journey – and it has been a very eventful week.

Our first TREAD the Globe T shirt  was delivered.   We initially only ordered one to see what it looked like and check the quality, but were pleased with the results.   I decided that we needed a message on the shirt “Blogging / Vlogging in progress” so people know what we are doing, rather than looking like a complete loony whilst we have fully blown conversations to a go pro, as we walk around and it may give a bit more credibility when we ask complete strangers for a photo.  Let us know what you think of it.

So to clarify Vlogging is video blogging. It’s not the same as flogging so I haven’t started to enjoy getting whipped !!


We also managed to get some great publicity through both the local newspaper (The Shropshire Star) and BBC Radio Shropshire.  Sophie Madden the chief reporter for the paper came over to the house to interview us, on our plans to sell up and TREAD the globe for evermore and to discuss Marianne’s plans to donate a kidney to her best and longest friend Katie Bridgett.


Sophie Madden Chief Reporter


She is an amazing woman and there’s not people that would go through this for their friends.    At this time we are not allowed to say where or when the surgery is taking place as there are a total of four people involved as Marianne is not a direct match with her friend.  Over the coming months we will share our experiences on this and hope that we can raise awareness of the living donor scheme to help other people in similar situations.  Marianne also wants to show the world that there is life after donating a kidney to hopefully inspire people to do the same.  She wants to show that you can still jump out of an aeroplane, swim with sharks and travel the world.  I’m not convinced on the jumping out of a plane, as she has already ticked this off her bucket list) but Marianne is definitely someone that’s up for a challenge – any other suggestions on things for her to do after she has recovered are welcomed !!

Huckleberry Finn eat your heart out

We had great fun with Steve the photographer as we ran around the house looking for a couple of sticks and some chequered shirts so we could end up looking like we were from the adventures of Huckleberry Finn.  The rucksacks I had prepared looked far too normal!


A picture in the TREAD van



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

On Saturday morning we had the pleasuring of going to the BBC Radio Shropshire studio for a live interview with Eric Smith, the morning presenter.  As we waited it gave us a similar feeling to that of a job interview.

We had originally been told that the interview would last about 20 minutes but Eric was certainly very curious about our plans and the fact that so many people talk about selling up but no one actually does it.  As we had already gone through a long thought process of why we wanted to TREAD the Globe permanently we were able to answer all of his questions.

He did think we were insane when we explained we wanted to swim with schools of hammerhead sharks off the Galapogos Islands and I am not sure we fully convinced him that sharks are really misunderstood fish!!!

The interview flew by as Eric made us feel so welcome, and it lasted about 40 minutes.  We ended up staying in the studio until Eric’s show had finished.  But, before we left, we agreed we would go back to the studio as we set off on our travels for a cuppa and a chat !!

With DJ Ryan Kennedy



Overall the first week as a blogger has been very busy, but most enjoyable.  Watch out for our next post as we head off to the Shrewsbury’s annual Dragon Boat race.

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