Get Involved

Although the original GoFundMe was a great success, we still need your support.


At present Dekafok is surviving solely on donations  either made though us or directly to them. The reality is that Dekafok needs funding to continue to protect the Turtles. Seher has dedicated her life to carry out the required work, but the reality is she still needs to have a small income to be able to eat, buy clothes …. To be able to live.

There are a variety of ways that you can help us keep Dekafok sustainable, this is such valuable work, and it is so important to ensure that these endangered creatures survive to be able to share them with future generations, and to keep them alive so that the oceans are kept healthy. 

Our GoFundMe page

We will be keeping our GoFundMe page open indefinitely so that it is easy for people to make a donation.

It doesn’t matter whether it is a small scale coffee morning, or a sponsored challenge! Every £1 donated makes a difference. 

One of our followers, Tracey – did just that and completed a mammoth 500 miles hike through the Pyrenees and managed to raise and donate £700. 

Donate directly to Dekafok

Or you can donate to Dekafok Turtle Centre directly through their website.

Company Sponsorship

Do you own or work for a company that supports or wants to get more involved with sustainable projects? 

Please get in touch with us directly to discuss levels of sponsorship and involvement and get some green credentials for your company, email Chris:

Join us at our Welcome Home Dinner and Dance

After spending over 4 years driving Around the World, we want to celebrate the trip with YOU. 

We will be hosting a dinner / dance on the 27th September 2024 in the Telford & Shrewsbury area of the UK, and ALL profits from the event will be donated to the Dekafok Turtle Project.