We have always loved to travel and experience what our wonderful world has to offer but I would never have actually imagined, that I would one day quit my senior management job to travel permanently…..

As we sat on a beach on the beautiful island of Mabul, in Sabah Borneo, Marianne and I listened with envy as a couple told us they weren’t on holiday – they were just travelling.  Here we were, having saved up all year, for a 3-week rushed trip around the far east, cramming in as much as we could, talking to a couple, who seemed to have no stress and we’re casually talking of their plans, saying maybe we’ll head here or there.  They weren’t the only people we had met on our travels that had such a lifestyle, and deep inside it planted a seed that grew over several years.

  On the  beach in Borneo

Both Marianne and I are from hard working career minded families. I was brought up to study hard, (although as a child I didn’t really- sorry Dad!) to work hard, go for that promotion and save to get a mortgage for a nice house. As we went through life together, we worked hard so we could afford the mortgage and all the wonderful belongings we have accumulated over the many years since we have been married.

I spent many years working every hour possible in 5 star hotels in Singapore, Australia and England.  In this time we had even bought our own pub and set up an internet business called Martial Mania selling Martial Art training DVDs (as one job was never enough!).

I spent the last 9 years as the Head of Catering Services at The Shrewsbury and Telford NHS trust.  Marianne also works for the NHS and it highlights the fact that life is very precious and every moment should be enjoyed to the fullest.  As you get older you do realise that none of us are guaranteed a long-life journey.

One day, it hit us like a bolt of lightning.  So here we are in our late 40’s, with a nice house full of beautiful things, most of which we don’t use.    We both started questioning our purpose and goals in life.  What’s next?  Do we keep working for another 20 years until we reach retirement age and during this time we can pay the numerous bills and buy more stuff?

We both work very hard, to be able to live in a nice house and buy things that we think make us happy, but do they really? Is there not more to life than doing the same routine every day, and chasing the latest gadget or updating tech because your TV doesn’t have 4k (which none of the TV channels currently televise anyway)

I know, that when I am on my death bed, I will not be lying there saying that I wish I had more money in the bank, I wish my house was cleaner or I wish I had worked harder.  I can however, see myself wishing I had walked the great wall of China (or the great wall of Mexico if President Trump ever builds it) or wishing I had dived with a school of hammerhead sharks off Galapogos.  Yes, we both like diving with sharks, who are misunderstood, but I’ll save that for a future blog post.

So, Marianne and I got into a discussion, what do we want to do when we retire, what would we do if our numbers came up and we won the lottery and what would we do if we knew we only had a year to live?   The answer for all of these questions was that we would quit our jobs and travel the world forever more.

But was it possible?  How could we afford it when we haven’t had the fortune of winning the lottery?  The research then started on how could we do it.  The details on how it’s possible will appear in a future blog post (after we have started) but the key was not to sell our house and initially to live on the rent.

So, as I sat in a meeting, under pressure to get action plans, forecasts, reports, audits etc done, my mind started to drift back to the conversation we had on the beach.  I walked out of that meeting knowing that I would draft my resignation and I emailed it to my boss that night.

 Goodbye office

It is the interactions and experiences you share with people that will give you a much greater sense of fulfilment rather than buying the latest gadget which will only give you short term satisfaction (or so you believe).  The more gadgets and equipment you have, the more it seems that something breaks and needs replacing.


 Goodbye tea with Staff at the Princess Royal Hospital Telford

Although travelling and the dream of selling all the belongings you have spent your whole life accumulating, is not everyone’s dream, I would urge you to live your own dream, whatever that is, as expression says “life is not a dress rehearsal its real”!

The first chapter of our new life is beginning, as we plan on quite how we are going to empty our house (yes, we have an attic and garage like many of you – full of stuff) we will initially be blogging about and promoting the wonderful locations and events we have here in the UK.

 Getting rid of all this in the garage may take a while !

Stay tuned for our next post as we get ready to TREAD the Globe.

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  1. Brett McWilliams

    You are both amazing! It is wonderful how you are on the same page with this dream! Following it is so brave and authentic! Have a great time!

    1. TREAD

      Hi Brett – Sorry for the delay in replying – we have had so many lovely comments and it has taken me a while to get to you 🙂
      We are indeed lucky that we have the same dream and we have been travelling in Trudy for just over a month and although she is small ….. she is perfectly formed !!! lol
      Chris is putting out a video every couple of days to share the things we do and adventures that we have, in fact we have just had the most fabulous weekend at a Shanty Festival in Rosses Point in Co. Sligo – if you ever get the opportunity to go to a Shanty …. you must !!! (this was our first but definitely not our last !!)
      I do hope we keep a smile on your face as we continue our adventure !!
      kind regards Marianne and Chris xx

  2. John Dutton

    Spot on. Having a plan is important as you tread the globe. Getting a balance of time away and time here is possible. Doesn’t mean you’ll never ever work again but you definitely do deserve some quality travel time. My 36 weeks in New Zealand between 2010 and 2013 gave me space to enjoy life and chill. Though I’ve been a workaholic since then, I expect to travel again soon…. keep following your dreams!

    1. TREAD

      thanks John, yes time away from work is great – we’re looking forward to visiting New Zealand in the future – never been there before. May ask for tips when we’re heading there. – Chris

  3. Garth

    Congratulations! I admire people who do what you’ve done, as I would like to do it myself one day (perhaps!) Thanks for sharing your story, really interesting read. Happy travels around the world!

    1. TREAD

      Thanks for the comment Garth follow our journey to see how it goes and then hopefully you can learn from our errors on the way – what ever happens it will be one hell of an adventure !

  4. Sandy N Vyjay

    So that you have finally taken the plunge, I am sure lots of excitement with the new way of life await you. All the best and happy traveling.

    1. TREAD

      Thank you – yes jumped with both feet and excited about our future adventures Treading the globe !

  5. Carmen Baguio

    I wish you all the success in the world!

    1. TREAD

      Thanks Carmen we are looking forward to the ultimate adventure!

  6. Midori

    CONGRATULATIONS for beeing so brave! I really admire you!

    1. TREAD

      Thank you for your comment – I never regret trying things its the not trying that I regret ( most things !)

  7. Shona

    Sensational and well done for having the kahunas to do it. You are going to be so happy!! 🙂

    1. TREAD

      Thanks – Yes took a bit of thought to make the decision but life is too short

  8. Marcelle

    We are so busy making a life that we often forget to make a living 😉 Congratulation to your decision.

    1. TREAD

      Thanks- yes it took a while to reach this decision but you realise that life is too short

  9. Lorna & Dean

    This is great guys. Maybe one day Dean and I will do the same. For now raising our soon to be family will suffice with the holidays saved up for. Can’t wait to hear The stories though. Excited for you both. Sending love hugs and wishes for the adventure ahead!

    1. TREAD

      Hi Guys, Yes a crazy adventure is about to start. You know us ! Make sure you hook up with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to keep up with daily updates. You can always come find us for a holiday

  10. Kate and Kris

    So exciting! I remember how hard it is to go through and get rid of and store all your stuff, so feel your pain there. We still go through stuff in the UK and wonder 1) what it is and 2) why we kept it. Where’s your first destination?

    1. TREAD

      Hi Kate & Kris. Yes the process of going through all of our ‘stuff’ is an experience and learning curve. It’s keeping me very busy. We are off to Malaysia, Singapore and Borneo in October and whilst we sell our belongings and get the house ready to rent we will be blogging on the experience and all the great things here in the UK

  11. ML

    As Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “Life is a journey, not a destination.” Congratulations to you and Marianne on embarking the next step in your lives. It will be amazing. Don’t be a stranger –
    current events may not show it, but your treasonous cousins of America welcome you with open arms!

    1. TREAD

      Thank your for the comment. We won’t be a stranger and will definitely head over to see you in America

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