Strangely,  I am writing this from the same car park in Istanbul – Turkey, as I did for last months post.   In fact today is day 64 in our car park,  which we are starting to call home, and day 56 self isolating.  What strange times we are in, and being self isolated in a 6m van is definitely creating some memories and will make a great story in years to come.    As always we like to look on the bright side, and one positive thing that has come from the situation we find ourselves in, is we have spent less than usual as we are not moving or going out.  It has also enabled us to spend time doing those things on our to do list, that we never usually get the time to do when we are on the road.   Like designing new T-shirts for our online shop.

At this point in time we are still not sure how the world pandemic situation will affect our plans.  We are taking it one day at a time, because we really can’t do anything else right now.   There is talk that movement will ease in Turkey at the end of May, so hopefully we will be able to move somewhere after that date.  We have also heard that the border with Georgia should be opening in June, but we need to make sure that if we can’t then enter Russia, we don’t get stuck in Georgia.  As we will have stayed passed the maximum 90 day allowance to stay in Turkey, and would therefore not be allowed back in for 6 months.  There is certainly a lot to think about, and in the coming weeks we will be having quite a few detailed discussions about this.  We’ll be sure to share these with you.

We hope you are all keeping safe during these difficult times and we send you all clean virtual hugs !

Since being in Istanbul, we have made some wonderful friends and we are constantly blown away by the kindness and generosity of the local people.  This is the beauty of travel.  The kindness of strangers is very real and even more so during troubled times.

We are VERY grateful to RentnConnect for providing us with free unlimited internet.  Self isolation would be a very different experience, without being able to keep ourselves busy online, posting videos and interacting online with family, friends and followers.  So again, I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to RentnConnect.

What to expect from future posts

We will continue to share with you our our monthly costs, as we self isolate or continue to travel.  When we decided to travel full time, there were very few content creators who shared their finances and social media income openly,  so we wanted to be open and honest about our financial journey, as we travel full time.  You get to come on all aspects of our adventures with us, and we hope that if you want to do something similar or just understand the costs of certain aspects of our travels, that these posts help with that.  Hopefully you get to see how our incomes grow, as we increase our online presence  and we will share the journey and decisions with you along the way.   There really aren’t many travel vloggers that will share this kind of information with you.

 So here is the April income / expenditure report from the road!   



YouTube £122 (Last month £129)

We have seen really good growth on our channel this month with a total of – 150,000 views compared to 85,000 in March.  There are a number of reasons for this growth.  The longer you produce content the better your content and editing skills are.  We continue to push ourselves to learn and try new things, which in turn produces better videos.  

(We have found ourselves in an unusual situation during a world pandemic and this creates, ‘how will we cope?’ This in turn, leads to a lot of media attention and we had around 17 interviews for both TV News channels and radio stations, including, BBC, CNN, Reuters, Show TV, ABC Australia, Show TV, Channel 24 etc.   We picked up lots of new subscribers, in fact you can see on the screen shot below that we went up a massive 4.4k during April (it was 836 in March).  We have been busy translating our videos filmed in Turkey into Turkish, for our new local followers and all of this helps engage with our audience.

What is interesting, that despite such a huge increase in our views our actual income from Youtube has decreased.  This is due to the world situation, and the number of companies paying ad revenue at the moment has reduced.  We know from speaking to other creators, that this is standard across the platform.  The good news is that as the economy improves, then so will our ad revenue and as I write this we are already seeing a small recovery.

So if you are one of the 4.4k new subscribers, then welcome! And to everyone else who has taken the time to watch one of our videos (and the advert), then THANK YOU!, because without you watching the adverts, our revenue would be zero.

Tread Tribe £81.70 (Last month £61.29)

We started the TREAD Tribe, to create a platform for like minded people.  It’s a place for those who truly love what we do and want to actually be part of it. We always try to respond to ever comment, message and email that we receive, after all we love talking to everyone.  But in reality, as our channel grows we know that it will be hard to keep this up.  We are only just keeping up with them now, and that’s whilst we are not travelling and exploring. Once we hit the road we will have even less time.   Being part of the TREAD Tribe we give you priority – you basically have more access to us.   In fact as well as doing live video hangouts on our TREAD Tribe facebook group, we are offering our Tribe members one to one video calls with us, to help us and you get through this self isolation.  Our TREAD Tribe private facebook group is also a great platform for people to chat together and we are so happy that we created such a great group of lovely people.

At the time of this post we have 24 members ( we had 3 new members this month) and if you are one of them  we want to say a HUGE THANK YOU, your support and friendship is really appreciated.

There are various levels of membership and in return we offer some added perks for example, access to the TREAD Tribe’s facebook group where we do live chats, and personal TREAD postcards from us on our travel.  Membership starts from $1 (£0.76) per month. 

For those of you who joined us for the live hangout on our Tribe Facebook group, we really loved chatting to you and answering all of your questions – we’ll do another one soon.  

If you would like to know more about the Tread Tribe please

click here


House Rental £1,356 - (Last month £1,356)

It this is your first time reading our finance blog post – this is what makes our travels sustainable.   Our house in the UK is rented out  longterm and this gives us a more reliable income compared to Youtube and other sources.  This month, we are pleased to say that we received the full rental amount and there was no maintenance work needed.

Merchandise Sales £177.54 (Last month £46)

We sell a selection of exclusive TREAD the Globe T-Shirts on our web site.   Each T Shirt sold funds us for approximately 40 miles of travel and helps us fund this expedition.  We use a print to order service, so we are still able to process orders from the road and we post WORLDWIDE !.  

During our time in self isolation, we have spent time creating new designs. We got very creative, so make sure you check out our shop.  We are also pleased to announce that we now sell the designs in a variety of different colours and have plans to create more over the coming weeks.

We only released these right at the end of April, but straight away we started getting an increase in orders. This month we generated an income of  £177 compared to £46 last month.  THANK YOU  to everyone who bought one.

If you would like to visit our online shop to check out our exclusive merchandise then please CLICK HERE


Donations £211.72 (Last month £172)

Whenever anyone sends us a financial donation, (be it joining the TREAD Tribe, buying us a coffee, using Amazon links or a PayPal donation on our web site) we are really touched and we are genuinely blown away by peoples generosity, so a huge THANK YOU for your kind contributions to help our travels.   

We received a £211 this month compared to £172 last month. This is particularly high because we received a very generous donation from a family member.  We can’t thank you enough and your very kind and generous contributions keep us on the road and making content and for that we are VERY grateful.

 If you want to see how you can help us then Click Here

Buy Me a Coffee £60.86 (Last month £10.80)

I’m sure you all realise that we are both coffee addicts and we have a link on our web site where you can buy us a coffee.  This month we received received £60.86.  

Someone asked us if we can drink that much coffee.  Although we do LOVE coffee donations, this is a way that people can support us and it doesn’t necessarily mean we drink it all in coffee !!    We receive messages from people who have sent us coffee funds saying that’s for taking the time to make the videos and share our travels.  We can’t tell you how much we appreciate that.  Often sat at a computer for hours editing videos, we don’t know if people like them as much as us and hearing it from you is lovely – so thank you to everyone who takes the time to tell us what you think. 

Amazon Affiliate Links £21.89 (Last month £5.79)

We receive a small amount from our Amazon links, this month was £21.89.  This is the highest monthly amount we have received so if you’re one the the people that used our links then thank you

Lots of you have asked about which products we use or recommend, so we have recently create an Amazon shop.  If you would like to look at this, then please click here.

This is a very easy way for you to help us, and it doesn’t cost you anything.   If you want to buy another products, then just use our link then shop as normal

TOTAL INCOME: £2,030 (Last Month £1,782 )


Merchandise costs £86.69

Unfortunately to sell T shirts you have to buy them and this is the cost of T- Shirts sold.  This month we generated a profit of £90.85

Vehicle Running Costs £185.53 (last month £516.90)

This month we should have very little costs as we are not moving, however we do pay for our secure parking.  As you know normally we wild camp and don’t stay in paid facilities but during our self isolation we are in a great spot because we have access to all the facilities we need.  For example showers, toilets, electric & waste disposal.  It’s worth every penny !!   We use LPG for our cooking facilities

LPG  £9.22

Parking: £176.31

TREAD Expenses £132.16 (Last month £183.67)

These are expenses that are specifically for TREAD the Globe. Whether it is for our website or to be able to publish content.

Tube Buddy: £12.41 Monthly

This is a google chrome extension that makes any Youtuber’s life a lot easier.  It allows us to bulk change elements of our end screens and descriptions of all our videos, as well as lot of other perks. 

Tech Insurance: £12.49 (Monthly)

We have our Mac Book Pro insured – just incase.

Canva Pro: £10.70 (Monthly)

This is an online image creator and is great for us, we create all of our thumbnails using this software and effects like the diary cam on our videos.  

Epidemic Sound: £7.49 (Monthly)

This monthly membership which allows us to access lots of music for our videos, without having to worry about copyright issues.  We spend a lot of time listening to tracks to match the video.  We hope you agree, it really makes a big difference having good music.  Normally it’s £10 per month however if you do have Tube Buddy then you get a discount – it all helps.

Site Ground Web Hosting: £14.35 (Monthly)

This is an ongoing cost, once you have a website built, you still need to pay a company to host it for you.

Mobile Phone sims / Internet: £71.62 (last month)£83.60

In order for us to post on social media, to maintain our website, answer your messages and to upload our videos onto YouTube, we need mobile SIM cards to access the internet. (next month this will reduce after getting our mobile wifi hotspot from RentnConnect. 

Each country we enter, we need to buy a new SIM and so far each country actually charges you for the SIM card before you top it up (between €5 – 15 Euros).  

This month has seen a slight  reduction as we cancelled one of our UK SIM cards  We did have 2 , one is our shared mobile, which we will always keep and the other was a data only sim.  It  was great for the EU but now we have left the EU it wouldn’t work in Turkey so we cancelled it.

Cloud Storage £0.79

Living Expenses £250.81 (last month £384.75

Self isolating has helped us reduced our monthly living expense.  Normally we eat out occasionally so that we can share our experience with you, but obviously at the moment most restaurants are closed. We did however manage to order a couple of kebab deliveries  – a much needed treat !!.

Groceries:  £183.32

Eating out: £15.71

Netlix: £11.99

ATM Fees: £18.17

Other Expenses : £0

This month all of the charges fitted nicely into a category so no other expenses 

Total Expenses: £655.19 (Last month £1,133)

Monthly Profit / Loss

Yipee!! We underspent this month by £1,375

Despite the world situation, this month has given us the biggest underspend so far.  With increased income and a significant reduction in our monthly expenses, so we have saved the most we ever have.  

We need to continue to underspend to be able to afford the possible additional costs for this trip.  For example some of the visa we may need to reapply for etc.  We also need to continue saving for the future shipping costs.  To give you an idea, to ship from South Korea to either the USA or Australia, is is approx £5,500 just for the shipping.   The target is to underspend by £600 each month and this month we have nearly doubled that.  Of course you never know what happens, and we may have some mechanical issues on the way and need to be able to afford the repairs.   We still may have to have the cost of returning to the UK to start again. but won’t know that for the next couple of months.

We hope you continue to find our expenses interesting.  If you are planning to make a living being a full time Youtuber then make sure you have additional streams of income – for us it’s our house, because as you can see from the figures you are not going to get a decent income quickly.  If you looked at the hourly rate of being a travel blogger you wouldn’t take the job.  That being said, if you are able to generate enough views, then Youtube does give you the possibility of earning a good income.  Also take note that the views and income are unpredictable and out of your control.

If there are any more details you want to ask us, then go ahead and send us a message, email or leave a comment.

We want to keep sharing our adventures with you.  The good, the bad and the ugly !!   Any funds donated or generated go back into our adventures so we can bring you great varied and exciting content.

Thank you for your ongoing support and most importantly stay safe.  Sending you all virtual hugs 

Chris and Marianne