Sitting and looking at our countdown clock, we have just 25 days until the big off.   I say it every month, but seriously where does the time go!   It seems to be speeding up.

November has been a month of trying to finalise all of the planning and equipment that we need.   We laugh that our to do list was 3 pages long and as the weeks go by, it’s still 3 pages.  Every time we do a couple of actions on the list, we remember a few more things to do.    Writing them down does really help clear the brain – better on paper than floating around my head !!

With the preparations and getting ready, there are lots of costs involved.   I have prepared a detailed spread sheet, by month, for the whole 20 month trip.   As you can imagine, it’s really important to budget such a trip, as what do you do if you run low on money on the other side of the world and you can’t afford the shipping costs? your visa is running out – the pressure will be well and truly on.   We’ll be monitoring our finances as we go, to make sure we stay on track.   The spreadsheet I have created is great, you enter in the starting bank balance and month by month add in the individual income and expenditure.  As you correct an amount in one month every month after automatically updates itself.  I’ll be updating this as we go.

When we started planning the route, we had a good idea of where we wanted to go and the rough shipping routes, but we had no idea of the costs involved.  In fact we don’t really know even now, we just have a better idea, based on various conversations we have had and online research.   As the one who looks after the finances, it’s a bit responsibility to get it right and to have a plan B if it goes wrong !  

We were shocked to get an actual quote to get into Australia after Russia.  To give you an idea the shipping quote was approx £5,500, + £2,000 for a carnet (paperwork for the van), £850 flights for us, £500 port fees (approx).   There is also a possibility that the port aurthorities in Australia say Trudy isn’t clean enough and then there’s a mandatory £500 cleaning fee.  This is a whopping £9.350 to spend 4 months in Australia and then we have to spend £6,000 shipping to the USA.    The plan B is, that if we get to far end of Russia and can’t afford this then we will have to ship straight to the States which would save £9,350 ! 


We have had to have little contingencies like this throughout the trip.  Of course, it’s impossible to know if we have unexpected mechanical issues, or how much income we generate via YouTube, etc, on the way, so you’ll have to watch this space.   It’s just a little hard for me, as I like to plan and of course you can’t.

In the meantime, we have been trying to only spend what we have to getting ready.  Sorry to those people who we’ve said we can’t visit them before we go, due to petrol costs, or we have had to refuse to go meet friends, to go out for dinner.  I’ve even had to stop my Aikido training (my main hobby and passions) as the cost to train, just isn’t the priority at the moment.  We’ve questioned every item we have bought (and there’s a lot of them).   

 We want to make it clear, so that if any of you are planning to do a similar thing, it may help you make that BIG decision.    We are realistic, and know that to make our lifestyle fully sustainable, income from making YouTube videos, or writing blog posts, is not easy and if it’s possible, it will take a lot of time and effort.  

And by sharing this, you’re coming on this voyage of discovery with us – every step of the way.

What to expect from future posts

(same as last month so skip if you read last months)

The countdown clock to our official start , on the 4th January 2020 is fast going down (there’s a countdown clock on the homepage of our website). From now until we leave, each month, we will share with you our income, and any costs associated with the preparation of the global trip, marketing, van preparation, equipment costs and creating content for you.  

Once we set off in January, we will share monthly, detailed income  and expenditure of everything we spend, during the 2 year trip from food to fuel so you can get a real sense of all the costs involved on such a trip.


November 2019 - Income & Expenditure

YouTube – £129.25

During November   we saw our  our views increase by 8% to 54,100 – this in turn helped the revenue increase by 29% compared to October.

Our revenue on YouTube is generated from the adverts placed on the videos and how many people watch them, so generally as the views increase, then so does the revenue. When we set off in January and post 2 or 3 videos a week (currently posting 1 video per week) then we should see a slow increase in revenue generated from YouTube.

We generated an income of $169.80 which is approx £129.25 ( compared to £106 in October) 

We had 11% more subscribers in November that we did in October and we saw an increase of 448 .  Welcome on board if you are one of them!

Other Income

TREAD Tribe £10.45

 Last month we launched our TREAD Tribe Patreon page.  It’s a paid membership for those followers who want to help keep us on the road. There are various levels and in return we offer some added perks for examples access to the TREAD Tribe’s facebook group where we do live chats, and personal TREAD postcards from us on our travel.  Membership starts from $1 (£0.76) per month

We have 5 Tribe members and in November we received $13.78 (£10.45).  Patreon take a small % in fees.

If you would like to know more about the Tread Tribe please click here


House Rental £982

This month we received less rental than normal as there were a few repairs that were needed on the heating system.  This is always something to consider when renting property and we have allowed for some house repairs in our around the world drive budget.

Merchandise Sales – £256.36 (£216 last month)

In November we saw a slight increase in sales and had sales of £256.36.  As requested we have made the full range in T shirts, ladies tank tops and children sizes.  If you want to see what’s available then visit our online shop  click here

We will be having a draw, to give one T-shirt away to the first members of the TREAD Tribe (when we reach pledges of $50 / month) and you can also get discount codes when you sign up.  So for as little as $1 per month you get the chance to win a free T shirt and you’ll know that you will be helping to keep us on the road.


Paypal Contributions:   £19.02  (£9.41 last month)

We are always blown away by peoples generosity, so a huge thank you to our friend Pab for his contribution to help our travels. Incase you wonder why such an odd amount, payal takes a small commission.

Buy me a coffee:  £0

So if we sound tired, it is because we didn’t receive any coffees this month! LOL

Amazon Links: £0

 We didn’t receive any income from our Amazon affiliate links this month.  This is a very easy way for you to help us, and it doesn’t cost you anything.   Just use our link on either the website or on the Youtube video description and shop normally – Amazon will then pay us a small referral fee if you purchase something within 24 hours.  So if you want to support us by using our links as you buy those Christmas presents here’s a link –

 – click here.

TOTAL INCOME NOV:  £1,397.08 ( Oct  £1,689)



Our expenses are much less that last month but the preparations costs continue to mount up with some expensive visa costs. 

Category 1:   MARKETING   – £132.78 (last month £0).

After much discussion were decided to order another batch of TREAD the Globe stickers, to give out on our around the world drive.  We  also designed and ordered an exclusive TREAD Tribe sticker that we will posting out to our TREAD Tribe members.  

Category 2:  MERCHANDISE  – £115.71

Unfortunately to sell merchandise you have to buy it! This is the cost of merchandise to generate the sales of £256.36 giving us a profit of £140.65 which is up on last month.  The T- shirt cost works on the quantity sold, so the more we sell then the more profit we make.   Each shirt sold will give us approx 40 miles of fuel.  A huge thanks to all of you that bought one!


 Category 3:  VISAS / PASSPORTS – £0 (last month £707)

This month we had no new visa fees which is great, when we have spent so much over the past couple of months

Category 4: VEHICLE PREPARATION – £728.03 (last month £189)

As we get closer to the departure date, we have to get all of our preparations ready and this month we spent the most on prepping Trudy for the big trip. Here are some of the main costs

  • Bad Elf Navigation £138 (gives accurate GPS by satellite)

  • Puncture repair kit £6.71

  • Fuel filter funnel £64.99  (filters water and contaminates before putting into Trudy)

  • Blue Tooth Speaker £12.99 (so we can listed to music from our MP3)

  • Waterproof pouch £8.45(to keep Trudy keys safe when swimming)

  • Jerry Cans £12.86

  • GPS tracker £100 (security incase Trudy gets stolen)

  • Clutch Lock £27

  • Mirror £2.90 (incase side mirror gets damaged)

  • Towing straps £29.99

  • Water bags £6.98

  • Chairs £49.78 (so we can sit and watch the stars)

  • Annual Road Tax £265 


Category 5: TREAD EXPENSES – £245.87 (last month £170)

This category is for other TREAD related expenses – a lot less than last month.


GoPro Batteries  £19.95 (one off)

We have ordered a couple of spare batteries.

Drone License £9.00

In the UK they have a new drone registration scheme

Driving Licences £42

Driving around the world we need a variety of international driving permits.

IPad Windscreen bracket £6.19

We will be using our small iPad mini for navigation outside Europe and so we needed a bracket so we can mount it on the windscreen.

Organic Bin Liners £11.99

We have purchased a supply of compostable organic bags to use for our trip so we don’t have to buy plastic bin liners

Fishing Net £13.51

I’ll be bringing a fish rod with us, as you never know when we may need to catch our own dinner (even though Marianne doesn’t eat fish).  If I catch a big one I need to be able to lift it out the water!  So I bought a small foldable landing net.

Clothing £37.97

After travelling in warmer climates we needed some winter clothes, so I bought a new coat and hat.

Tube Buddy  £15 (monthly)

This is a google chrome extension that makes any Youtuber’s life a lot easier.  It allows us to bulk change elements of our end screens and descriptions of all our videos, as well as lot of other perks.

Technical Insurance  £12.49 (monthly)

We have our Mac Book Pro insured – just incase.

Canva Pro  – £11.07 (monthly)

This is an online image creator and is great for us, we create all of our thumbnails using this software and effects like the diary cam on our videos. 

Epidemic Sound  – £10 (monthly)

This monthly membership allows us to access lots of music for our videos, without having to worry about copyright issues.

Site Ground Web Hosting  – £12.50 (monthly)

This is an ongoing cost, once you have a website built, you still need to pay a company to host it for you.

Mobile Phone – £44.20 (monthly)

We share a phone to keep our costs low, but we also need a data SIM card so that we can post videos and content for you whilst we are on the road. 

TOTAL EXPENSES £1,184  (Last month £1,091)


Note at this point we are not including food, fuel and other day to day expenses these will be included when the world trip starts.

Not long until we leave now, and as I write this we are rushing to finish off the last outstanding ‘to do’s’!

We hope you find our expenses interesting and once we leave, you will get a true sense of the cost on the road.  If there are any more details you want to ask us, then go ahead and send us a message, email or leave a comment.

Although we are sustainable now, with the rental of our home and limited income above, we are trying to increase the income, so we are able to travel and share more experiences with you.   All of the money we receive goes towards our travels and equipment needed to produce our videos.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Chris and Marianne