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We want you to know that we read EVERY comment left on all of our channels as we believe in community. 

We're not your 'Normal' Van Life Channel!!

We like to go off the beaten track, places that others don’t go. We share life on the road and the challenges we encounter, as we attempt to Drive Around the World on the road less travelled.

We want you to come on this adventure with us, to experience the different cultures, foods, sceneries and everything in between.

Get more insights and behind the scenes action.

We share tales and pictures from our life on the road.  You’ll also find snippet videos of our travel highlights.

We use this to share short stories from the road.

You’ll find random and interesting stories, including “View from the Loo” – Yes, Marianne takes regular photos from the loo of Trudy. Honestly, the variety of views from the loo is quite fascinating! There are also posts to show mini updates, personal thoughts about life on the road and the behind the scenes of TREAD the Globe.

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