Our Story

We are Chris and Marianne from the UK.

But we’re not your average adventure travellers, in fact some would say that we are insane to take on the kind of challenges that we do!

But this is not how our story started! Life is all about evolution, and some of life’s moments have led us here, and to the realisation that LIFE IS TOO SHORT.

So once the kids had left home, we realised that it was now OUR time!  But much to the shock of most of our family, we sold our belongings, rented out the family house that we had worked 30 years for, and started to live our life to the full.

We’ve not always considered ourselves to be adventurous people, and we had no plans to become Adventure travellers… This concept was born from life and the experiences we have been through. We have all lost family and friends too early right? I’m sure we all have friends or know people who have worked with their whole lives, planning and dreaming big for their retirement, only then to be diagnosed with a terminal illness.

So after I (Chris) was diagnosed with high blood pressure and I was told I was working too hard. We realised that we could end up as one of those couples that didn’t make it to their retirement.

So after deciding to quit my job, spend months selling our belongings  and buying a campervan, we rented our house and Tread the Globe was born.

So here we are 5 years later still living in a van, which can be as unglamorous as you can imagine, living our best life and proud to call ourselves digital nomads sharing inspirational content and fun stories from the road… Oh and did I mention that we are driving around the world in our 2005 Fiat Ducato Campervan called TRUDY?