We Quit our Jobs & Sold Everything to Travel the World

We Quit our Jobs & Sold Everything to Travel the World




We Quit our Jobs & Sold Everything to Travel the World

We made the crazy decision to quit our jobs, sell everything we own and TREAD the Globe for evermore. After losing some friends of similar ages and Marianne donating a kidney to her best friend Kate – we realised that life is precious and must not be taken for granted. There must be more to life than working the 9-5 job for the next 20 years. After all life isn’t a dress rehearsal right !

It was then that we decided to quit and sell everything. It’s a huge challenge to down size from a large house to a camper van and one that took us months.

We have set ourselves the challenge to set foot in every country in the world. Some countries will be in Trudy the TREAD Campervan and others will be with just our rucksacks on our back.

As we TREAD the Globe, we want to find & share with you inspirational people doing amazing things. People who are really making a difference.

So come on this adventure with us as we try and get used to living in our van. We will share with you all the tips and advice that we learn along the way. One thing you can be sure of with us there will be lots of fun, laughter and of course food !


We would love to know if you think this is insane or inspirational so leave a comment and let us know that you think.

Chris & Marianne x

50 thoughts on “We Quit our Jobs & Sold Everything to Travel the World

    1. Hi Chelsea – thank you for your comment, we are having a great time …currently backpacking around Central America at the moment !! kind regards Marianne and Chris xx

    1. Hi Alex – ha ha – some call it madness LOL. Every year we would work to have our 3 / 4 weeks holiday, and felt we needed more, and the only way we could do it was to leave behind the expense of running a big house. So now we have rented our house, to make our travels sustainable. So, we have not gone completely mad …. kind regards Marianne and Chris

  1. Hi Chris and Marianne
    Do you remember the Geordie Motor bikers who had a chat with you in the Wicklow mountains Ireland on Saturday ? We were all impressed with your ambitions to travel the globe and wish you well. We will watch your progress.

    1. Hi Chris – how can I forget you 🙂 !!! It was lovely to share the views with you guys and I am glad you got home safely !! – We are off to Europe for about 3 – 4 months at the end of August ….. so maybe we will meet you again on the road ?? Maybe this time you can camp next to us and we can have a BBQ !!! Kind regards and stay safe – Marianne and Chris xx

  2. Just been to Ireland this weekend (23rd June) and saw your camper van in temple bar area decided to google you! What a great thing you are doing, I always tell my children life is too short and go for it. I would love to follow you on your adventure. All the best on your travels

    1. Hi Helen – How lovely …. yes we are always telling our children to live their dreams too – if you want to follow our adventures in either Trudy or with our rucksacks we have a YouTube channel called TREAD the Globe and a Facebook page, I also have an Instagram page !! – we are keeping busy and sharing our fun !! – if you see us again, please do come and say HI !! Kind regards Marianne and Chris xx

  3. I am sooo envious!! I donated a kidney 3 weeks ago as part of a 12 person chain and I already see the world in a different way. And to lose Anthony Bourdain this weekend !! My friend told me about your trip and I cannot wait to follow your adventures.
    I want to extend an invitation to stay with my family if you make it to Colorado. We love what you are doing!!

    1. Hi Carla – sorry for the delay in replying – I hope you are feeling well and recovering from the surgery – when we meet up I would like to hear all about it 🙂 sounds fascinating …….. We are having a fab time in Ireland at the moment and we will definitely look you up when we get to the USA – please take care of yourself and remember the first 3 months are the toughest ….. but continue to drink plenty and I am sending healing hugs across the pond xxx

  4. What a likable couple! In my mind, you’re both inspiring and insane in an amazingly good way! You’re inspiring in the sense that you’ve reminded me that life is short and meant to be lived to the fullest. And you’re insane in the sense that you’re going to be living in a van! I love that you’ve grabbed the bull by the horns and are running with it. (My husband and I are planning to downsize and move to a foreign country soon, so we have that same “bug”. I wish you the best of luck and happy & safe travels. I’ll be following your trip from this point on. Can’t wait to see your wonderful adventures! Warmest wishes, Kat in Florida, USA

    1. Hi Kat – thank you for your email, I was chuckling to myself as I read it …… we are sooooo happy that we are able to inspire and we are also so happy that we have an amazing relationship …. as the van life would be horrendous if we didn’t 🙂
      Your ‘bug’ sounds exciting – when we make it to Florida we will catch up for coffee and you can tell us all about it !!!
      kind regards
      Marianne xx

  5. Love to read about travel.Have always wanted to travel everyday. Too old now,but do take 2 group trips a year

    1. Hi Maxine – yep, travel is such an interesting, fun and eye opening experience – group travel is great too … our trip to Borneo in October 2017 had 6 of us travelling around, and we had an absolute blast !!! – I hope we are able to share some fun and interesting content on our videos and that you get to feel as though you are with us xx kind regards Marianne xx

  6. I’m so impressed!!!!!!
    And I’ll be following you.
    I’ve always wanted to travel, there’s so many places I’d love to see.
    I’m retired now but physically I can’t travel much
    So I envy you guys, you didn’t wait until it’s too late to travel

    1. Hi Anthony
      Thank you for the follow – we will try and share the best of what we see, but also whilst not losing our sense of humour 😉 – If you do manage a trip to Ireland or Europe when we are on the road in Trudy – message and we will catch up for coffee and you can join us for a giggle
      kind regards and keep watching !!
      Marianne xx

  7. Go For It, and I know that you are going to Love Every Minute, Every Sun Rise and Every Sun Set
    Much Love and Respect Linda Perry

    1. Hi Linda – thank you for the message …… we are soooo happy that we are able to engage and share our journey and you are right !!! we WILL enjoy every single minute 🙂 thanks again
      kind regards
      Marianne xx

  8. You are such an inspiration – good luck and happy travels! We too took a year of adventure in our motorhome back in 2004/5. We bought a plot of land in Bulgaria and we built our life’s dream campsite – if you are heading our way, call in to see us at Camping Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria. We’re in the centre, close to the old medieval capital.

    1. Hi Nicky – thank you for your lovely offer ….. we will be there ha ha !!!
      Your place sounds cool – We are planning a trip to Europe but don’t have a ‘set plan’ yet. Keep an eye on our facebook page and we will do a shoutout in each country for meet ups and coffee stops 🙂
      take care and kind regards
      Marianne xx

  9. Brilliant!!! When you come to the USA, if you pass through Boston, I will buy you lunch!!! Have an amazing journey!!!

    1. Hi Sharon – that is so sweet – I have been told by one of my friends (Di) that Boston has some of the best food ……. when we get to Boston we will find out !! – ha ha xx We are currently in Ireland and have sampled some of the local food and drink and are having such a blast 🙂 kind regards Marianne xx

    1. Hi Nadya – that would be awesome and we really love meeting people xx keep an eye on where we are and message if we are anywhere near !! xx

  10. Hi Chris & Marianne! Love your blog it’s inspirational. My husband & I decided to buy a camper this year and travel Europe with our two small kids and dog. We hope to spend 18 months doing it and maybe longer. It’s not easy getting everything ready at home for the trip and preparing the house for rent so we can’t wait to hit the road and have some fun! Will be keeping an eye on your adventure and blog! My blog is livinoffthehook.com Niamh & Liam xx

    1. Hi Niamh – that sounds great !!! wow two small kids ….. you are a hardcore woman !!! – you are going to have sooo much fun and it will be an experience that will bring you guys even closer together. I was lucky as Chris sorted out selling all the ‘stuff’ and emptying the house for rental ….. thank goodness !!! It was very hard – we sold everything (except photos / personal items) as we really knew in our hearts that our home was too big for us and although she is full of memories, and we had grown the house into our home …. once the kids left she became a house again …..
      I wish you a fabulous trip / life journey … and if you see that we are near to you, do a shout out or come find us .. maybe we could babysit and you could have a night off !!! lol – take care of yourselves and we look forward to meeting you all one day – Marianne xx

    1. Hi Patti – Thank you so much for your message, we share all the good adventures and fun times on our journey through the videos that Chris shares on the web page / Facebook / YouTube – We hope you enjoy them !!!
      kind regards Marianne xx

  11. I am very envious 😃 . Some years ago, I suggested this to my husband. I wish I’d had a camera with me to record the look of horror on his face. So we haven’t done it. But good for you. Enjoy every minute. I’m really looking forward to reading about it all.

    1. Hi Corinne
      Thank you for your message …. we have a YouTube channel and Chris is putting the videos on our Tread the Globe Channel – the videos are a way for us to keep in touch with our family and friends and share our adventures.
      I have met so many lovely people on the road so far and we are literally driving, from one adventure to another !! So, maybe we will meet on the road and you can share some of our adventures !! – Chris will probably put the video out in a week or so, but we have just escaped from a Sea Shanty Festival in Co. Sligo !!! – it is a must .. so put that one on your to do list 🙂 xxx
      kind regards Marianne xx

  12. Beautiful Job Chris and Marianne! When you get to Calgary, Alberta, Canada send me a message. I have hot meals, clean, comfy bed, hot showers and a couple night’s rest and tour of my fine city for you! Love, light and safe travels xoox can’t wait to see you!

    1. Hi Deb – sorry for the delay in replying 🙂
      Thank you for the lovely offer !! – we would absolutely love to meet up and connect. We are currently getting prices to Ship Trudy to Canada !! but it won’t be till at least next spring …. but keep tuned and we will make it happen xoxox
      I hope you are enjoying our videos on our YouTube Channel – TREAD the Globe …… we have decided to put up our videos on a channel so that family, friends and anyone who wants to follow can.
      I must say your email is absolutely lovely xx love and light to you too xoxox
      kind regards Marianne xx

  13. Hello,

    Best of luck to you courageous heroes. What can we do to support you effort? Will you do a YouTube Channel or some other revenue driving play?

    When you come to the Pacific North West, you are welcome to stay with us and enjoy a regular bed a big, spacious shower.

    Safe travels!!

    1. Hi Yvette
      Thank you for your email, what a lovely offer !!
      Chris has a YouTube Channel – TREAD the Globe and we are posting regularly as it is great for our family, friends and anyone who wants to follow to be able to keep up with our adventures ….. we have just be to a sea shanty festival in Rosses Point in Co. Sligo in Ireland …… we literally had the time of our lives and met some of the loveliest people including a tour around the RNLI bases there.
      We will definitely make our way over one day and if you see us near, send us an email or shout out and we will pop round for coffee
      kind regards
      Maranne xoxo
      ps we haven’t considered a revenue stream yet – but we regularly get asked for T-Shirts and mugs !! so maybe one day ….. but thank you for thinking about our welfare 🙂

  14. Hi guys. Well done for taking the plunge. We did 3 and 1/2 years ago and haven’t looked back. Similar to you Marianne, I worked in a hospice for 15 years and realised that life is precious and far too short to waste years waiting for retirement so resigned from our jobs in our mid fifties.
    We managed to find work, both paid and voluntary, to help fund the essentials. We work winters in ski resorts in France and use http://www.workaway.info to help on ranches in Canada and stations in the Australian outback where we were provided with board and lodgings for assistance to people with assets but little cash. This might be an option for you as it allows you to become part of a community, not just a tourist.
    Best of luck with your adventure.
    Gill (and Roger)

    1. Hi Gill (and Roger !! 🙂 )
      Well that is just fabulous !!!
      We actually used to host helpx which is very similar and have definitely considered doing workaway and helpx on the road …. how much fun is that !!!
      Where are you now ? we might meet on the road !! ha ha
      kind regards
      Marianne xx

      1. Hi Marianne.
        I am back home in Yorkshire to sell the house, to downsize for a ‘lock-up-and-leave (and trying to write a book about our change of lifestyle and first winter season 😕). Roger is away doing a yacht delivery from southern Spain back to UK. My turn next!
        Happy travels and hope to see you out there somewhere ⛺🍷🌄✨

        1. Hi Gill – Sorry for the late reply – but I suppose you are up to your neck in ‘sorting’ !!! I was very lucky to be at work whilst Chris did most of the selling, sorting and decorating – it is a massive task that is not to be underestimated !!! I hope it is going well and you are nearly sorted …. and definitely …. see you on the road !! – we have a facebook page and Instagram page that are updated daily and Chris makes the videos (retrospectively by about 3 weeks) for our YouTube Channel – TREAD the Globe, so keep an eye out for where we will be next 🙂 !! – best wishes Marianne and Chris xx

  15. No – you are sane. it is us folks that are working who are mad. Have a great time and look forward to seeing your adventures as they happen.

    All the best
    Steve n Noi

    1. Hi Steve and Noi
      Thank you for your message …… well. if you have watched any of our videos, then you might want to retract the ‘sane’ comment LOL !!
      I hope you enjoy our YouTube channel as we just try to share our fun and positive outlook xx
      kind regards
      Marianne and Chris xx

    1. Hi there, thank you so much for your lovely comment – we so will fun and we will share it all on YouTube – TREAD the Globe
      We hope you enjoy it
      kind regards
      Marianne and Chris xx

  16. Omg you guys are amazing this is my goal one day travel the world and never look back life is too short X

    1. Hi Michelle – that is great, keep us posted on your progress and we hope you enjoy our adventures on YouTube – TREAD the Globe
      kind regards
      Marianne and Chris xx

    1. Hi Both – there is NO hopefully about it !! – we will make sure that we meet up again – you were so lovely and such delightful fun to be with on that amazing day in Paris – France that I know that we will have more fun in other cities across the Globe !! – must do some Treading together this year !! 2018 is our year girls and boys !!! much love and warmth sending healing and friendship across the pond to you both 🙂 Marianne xxxxx (in the UK we use x’s to show kisses …. is it the same in the USA ?)

      1. HAHA – in the US, we use XOXO to mean hugs and kisses! I have to figure we ended up meeting you guys in Paris…we have had a year of learning that time and experience is way more important than and appearance at the office. We will travel along with you by blog until our paths cross again – Safe travels wherever the roads/currents/etc take you XOXO lori.

    1. Ha ha – Thanks Tony. All is going well and we had the first viewings on the house yesterday. Hope you liked the video. We can’t wait to hit the road – wont be long now !

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