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When we started TTG back in May 2018 we had zero photography and videography skills. The only camera we owned was a cheap £30 digital camera. I (Chris) did a lot of research on what to buy to be able to start documenting our adventures. What we choose needed to be easy to use, good value and give us the result we wanted.

The hardest part of creating content is actually starting, because you never think your content is good enough to show publicly. If you want to create content – jus go for it! You can even start with your phone and still create great videos and pictures.

If you want to know what we are currently using, then we have created a list of our main items.


We get a lot of messages asking us what filming equipment we use to create our YouTube videos so we have created a list of the main items we currently use.  We hope that this helps you start creating.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000

This is a great all round beginners bridge camera, it has good frame rates for low motion as well as good zoom. They now also do a FZ2000 so I may be upgrading soon

K&F Concept Tripod

If you have camera and want to zoom in or take long exposure shots you need a tripod. This tripod is great, light and comes in it’s own carry case

Go Pro Hero 8

You can’t beat the quality of GoPro. The GoPro and above has great audio and stabilization and features such timelapse. All of our walking talking clips and footage whilst we are driving is filmed on our old GoPro 7 (Hero Black) Recently we have got GoPro 8 Black

JM-D Wireless Shutter Remote

We like to take pictures of us both from a longer distance than the length of my arm. The Lumix camera does have a timer mode, but with a shutter remote you can take as you want with the click of the remote control

4 TB Lacie Rugged Hard Drive

As full time content creators it’s essential that we have reliable hard drives to back up our data. We have been using the Lacie Rugged hard drives since we set off. They have great capacity and are hard wearing and reliable

SanDisk Extreme PLUS 64 GB

Having the right memory card is essential for our filming to keep footage high quality


There are a few other YouTubers that have been big inspirations to us. Christian Le Blanc from the channel Lost Le Blanc is one of them.  We had zero experience when we started & have spent hours watching tutorial videos on YouTube.

When Christian launched his creator academy for me it was a no brainer and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending it for anyone wanting to start their own YouTube Channel. Not only do you get lots of information and tutorials,  you join a community that shares information and supports each other. Click the button for more information.


After living and travelling in ‘Trudy’ our home on wheels since May 2018, we have found and used a number of van life essentials that can make life on the road easier and more comfortable.  And we want to share these with you.

Life Saver Jerry Can

Having safe water is one of life’s essentials and this is exactly what the Life Saver Jerrycan does. It allows you to drink any water (except salty). It also allows us to do our bit for the planet by not having to buy bottled water when we are in countries where the tap water is not potable.  Needless to say we use this everyday!

Power Oak 1500 W Power Bank

Having sufficient power on the road is essential and if like us, you wild camp a lot then this one’s for you. We use quite a lot of power charging our cameras, computers, etc and having lockdowns has really tested Trudy’s power supply. We regularly ran out of power, but since being given one by PowerOak to review our life has changed and we haven’t run out of power since. This is a wonderful solution for off grid power

Power Oak Solar Panel

You need a solar panel to charge your PowerOak power bank. They are excellent and foldable / portable pieces of kit. we have also added connection to Trudy, so if the power bank is fully charged we can plug the extra solar panel directly into the leisure batteries

Bad Elf GPS

Knowing where you are is essential for any trip, and some of the places we’re planning to visit ae known for poor or no mobile signal. we invested in the Bad Elf GPS which plugs directly into our phone or Ipad to pick our GPS from satellites when there is no mobile reception.

Foldable Water Bags

We get water on the road from a variety of sources. We used to carry a hose around but realised that most places we fill up it either didn’t work or wasn’t convenient. These water bags were just what we needed. They even fit under sink taps, we really can fill up anywhere.


Talk to any van lifer in the UK and they probably have a Ridgemonkey. It’s a necessity if you want to cook a variety of different things on a gas ring. I have even made fresh pizza in it- by closing it on a low heat it acts like an oven. Another item we use most days.


If we are not in our van Trudy then we are armed with our backpacks and heading into the unknown.  Here are some of our favourite travel items.

Overboard 100% Waterproof Backpack

When we go out for the day, we always have our Lumix camera and sometimes we even carry one of our laptops, not the kind of items that you want to get wet.  We bought one of these backpacks each, so we know that our tech will stay dry in heavy tropical downpours or even if we accidentally fell in the water!

Travel Adapter

A must for any traveller! We love this one because it has everything we need and we can plug in multiple USB cables at the same time, great for charging all those batteries

TSA Approved Combination Padlock

Padlocks are another essential for anyone travelling. When you’re flying you can lock up your suitcase or backpack. TSA approved locks means that is airport security need to  check your luggage they can do so without breaking the padlock. We also use them in the hostel lockers to lock away our valuables.


There are times, on our adventures, when we experience low temperatures and having efficient and effective heating system is essential, We choose Autoterm UK (Planar Heaters) because they are excellent heaters and very reasonably priced. What’s we’ve got you a 5% discount using the code tread5 on checkout

aplan insurance

When we started looking for options for insuring ‘Trudy” and our home for rental , we tried a number of insurance companies. We came across A Plan insurance who not only provided us with great service at a great price, they also gave us the confidence that in the unfortunate event that we needed to use their services then they would be there to support us – wherever we are in the world. Since then they have sponsored us and have offered Tread the Globe followers a preferential rate. 

Just call Thatcham Schemes: Tel 01635 879 910 and quote Tread the Globe.


As online content creators staying connected on the road is essential. Meet RentnConnect a company that provides global mobile Wi-Fi hotspots. When we teamed up with them they literally came to our rescue and sent us a router so we can stay connected not only for our self isolation here in Istanbul but also as we continue our travels.  They will keep us connected in over 130+ countries.


No more searching for pay as you go SIM cards. For more information and to keep yourselves connected check out their website

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