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USA Van Life

Embarking on an epic road trip to drive across the USA – But spent a week in NYC whilst Shipping Trudy our van from the Southampton in the UK to Charleston in the US.  Let the adventures begin !!

Van Life Around the World
Driving around the world in our van

Jumping into our 16 year old campervan ‘Trudy”, we left the UK on the 5th January 2020,  in an attempt to drive all the way around the world.  Little did we know what was to come!  A van life adventure around the world is challenging in normal times but being hit by a global pandemic on the way, is a whole other story.  One thing’s for sure we are not going to give up !

Preparing to drive around the world

After looking on Youtube for other channels that had done such an adventure, we realised that there wasn’t currently a series on YouTube that showed the planning and drive around the world.  So we figured we would share ours.  We allowed 6 months to plan the trip, but once we started we realised how much work there was to get ready.

Backpacking Central America

In January 2019 we picked up our backpacks and headed to Costa Rica to spend 5 wonderful months exploring all of the Central American Countries.  Some of the Countries are not portrayed as ‘safe’ but as adventurers we wanted to see and experience local life there for ourselves.  What an adventure it was.

Van Life in Europe
European Van Life Adventure Series

In May 2018 we moved into our van ‘Trudy’ full time and set off on the van life adventure of a lifetime to attempt to visit every Country in the World in Trudy our van or with a backpack. We spent a wonderful 3 months driving Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way and the whole coastline of Ireland, before heading over the channel to spend 4 months exploring mainland Europe.