Stokesay Castle Shropshire

Stokesay Castle Shropshire

Our Spanish friends Pab & Janire (featured in the first Drone YouTube video) who were visiting the UK, wanted to explore a local castle, so we took a trip south towards Craven Arms, armed with our camera, go pro 4 and the new Spark Drone to visit Stokesay Castle.

Stokesay Castle is one of over 400 historic buildings, monuments and sites cared for by English Heritage – for more information on other sites visit

According to English Heritage, Stokesay is the best-preserved fortified medieval manor house in England and was built at the end of the 13th Century.


After following the signs, we pulled into the car park, which cost £1 for the day – we headed in.  You pass the church on the way in, so we investigated that before buying the tickets.

Tickets were £7.60 per adult or if you want to visit more English Heritage sites then there is the option to buy an annual membership.

Armed with our go pro we headed through the beautiful gate house.

The Gate House

As we entered the main courtyard, there were some items for the kids (and us) to wear and a couple of staff nearby to help the kids (of course Pab and I couldn’t resist a quick sword fight !)


On Guard !

They do regular events there, so check our their web site.

Of course, I had the wear the TREAD the Globe T-shirt.   The t-shirts were to help promote the blog and our journey and we were so pleased, to be contacted by Helena a few days later, to say that she had seen the T-Shirt and us blogging at Stokesay Castle – thanks Helena !



The views from the top of the tower were amazing and we were surrounded by the beautiful Shropshire countryside.  We did get a few odd looks as Pab filmed me walking up and down the stairs – but we had fun doing the videoing and wanted to get good footage for You Tube Channel.


Top of the tower


As I walked around, you couldn’t help but wish the walls could talk – because you know they would have some very interesting stories of things they had happened over the years.

The Great Hall has been unchanged for 700 years !!  and the staircase at the end of the hall gives a great birds eye view.


The Great Hall


After exploring the castle we headed off to find a spot to launch the drone  – we found a recently harvested field nearby to launch from.  The footage came out really well, and can be seen in our short You Tube clip at the beginning of this post.


Of course before we headed home we had to stop for a cup of tea in their tea room !



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