“Our life is what our thoughts make it”
Marcus Aurelius

The Idea is born

When we set off, in May 2018, in an attempt to visit EVERY country in the world, we met lots of people who wanted to know our global plans, after all Trudy is not the most plain covert van you have ever seen!

The first question is “so how many countries have you visited so far?” “This is our 1st country” we replied with great enthusiasm. –Well you’ve got to start somewhere right ! Inside, we knew we were going to embark on a much more adventurous plan.

Sat in a pub with a drink in hand, it’s easy to get the imagination going and to come up with some ideas for future adventures. As the evening went on, the ideas got more and more exciting until we both came to the conclusion, that it would be a great idea and adventure to drive all around the world.  After all, looking at the world map on our phone, it didn’t look that far. But the seed had been sown and the idea was going to grow.

Fast forward to the current day and we are in the process of turning this thought into a reality.

We have had many discussions on the type of vehicle, after all google overland vehicles and you are presented with a selection of serious army looking overland vehicles. We didn’t want anything too fancy, after all as full time travellers, we have very little funds available to start trying to buy and overland vehicle. But surely we need a 4 wheel drive!  After all, we are planning to drive across some countries that don’t have paved roads! What if we have to drive across a river?  We then thought maybe a 4 wheel drive Toyota Landcruiser, that we could convert into a living space. A good reliable vehicle and a sensible suggestion.

So what have we decided to do?

We are going to drive around the world in a 14 year old, 2 wheel drive Fiat Ducato, with no mechanical experience.

We returned from our 5 month backpacking adventure in Central America at the end of June 2019 and we have until the end of December 2019 to get everything ready for our planned departure in January 2020. Head on over to the planning tab, to see what we are going to do over these very short 6 months.