“If you don't know where you are going, you'll end up someplace else.”
Yogi Berra
former New York Yankees catcher

What do we need to do to drive around the world?

A question we can't really answer yet.

I thought a good starting point is watch the TV series the “Long Way Around with Ewan Mcgregor.

A series I remember watching & enjoying as Ewan & Charlie Boorman go around the world on their bikes. 

An interesting and entertaining TV series but come on you can’t compare our planning to theirs after all they have an office and fixing team arranging everything for them and don’t forget they are famous celebrities.

“YouTube must be able to help us plan, they’ll be lots of video series and vlogs of people who have driven around the world and we can learn from watching their adventures” – To our surprise after searching through YouTube videos, there isn’t a series on how to drive around the world and then actually doing it.

We couldn’t find a series on YouTube about planning and driving around the world

Although people have of course driven around the world, none of them have shared their experiences in full on YouTube, so that’s exactly what we are going to do.

We started with 6 short months to plan this journey of a life time and the more we think about it,  the more we actually realise that to get ready in just 6 month is not going to be easy.  The good news is we are going to film it all and share it with you.

So, have we got a nice office with with notice boards so we can pin up the maps? Or maybe a secretary, support crew, film crew and a coffee machine in the corner !  No we will be living and working on the road in ‘Trudy’ our 6m van.

To give you an idea of what we have to do, here's a small taster:

  • Create new web site
  • Plan Route
  • Work out how much it’s going to cost.
  • Figure out what changes we need to do to Trudy.
  • How long is it going to take and how long are the visas for each country?
  • How are we going to fund it – can we get sponsorship?
  • What do we want to see?
  • What equipment do we need?
  • How are we going to film it and share it with you?
  • How do we get the TREAD tribe involved in what we do?
  • What’s the weather like where and when we are going?

This is just a fraction of what needs doing. There really is so much to do, but the good news is we are going to share it all with you as we do it.  As we are going to be living and travelling around the UK in our van, we are also going to create videos of our vanlife in the UK showing you life on the road.

These are very exciting times ahead and we want all of you to be part of this adventure,  so if you have any questions over the coming weeks, then don’t hesitate to comment on the videos – we will answer every question.