Planning the route for a drive around the world is no easy task. We have to take into account lots of factors for example the weather, travel advice, driving conditions, shipping routes and ease of border crossings.

The video below shows our initial plans. It may well change slightly when the detailed planning starts, or even once we start if we face any difficulties en route.

A total of 22 counties

  1. UK (Home)
  2. France
  3. Italy
  4. Slovenia
  5. Croatia
  6. Bosnia
  7. Montenegro
  8. Albania
  9. Azerbaijan
  10. Greece
  11. Turkey
  12. Armenia
  13. Azerbaijan
  14. Kazakhstan
  15. Russia
  16. Mongolia
  17. South Korea
  18. Malaysia
  19. Singapore
  20. Australia
  21. USA
  22. Canada

1 couple from the UK

An old van called Trudy

22 Countries

26 Border Crossings

Across 4 Continents

44,397 Miles or 71,450 KM

24,065 Miles or 38,728 KM by Land

20,332 Miles or 32,722 by Sea

26 Border Crossings

Who knows how many months ?

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