The Ultimate Road trip – Around the Globe in a van called Trudy

The Ultimate Road trip – Around the Globe in a van called Trudy

When we set off in an attempt to visit EVERY country in the world we would meet people and of course the first question is “so how many countries have you visited so far. This is our 1st country we replied – well you’ve got to start somewhere right ! (12 months on and we have now visited 17 countries)

As we discussed the future we wanted to really do something extraordinary.

It’s easy to come up with with a crazy adventurous plan to drive around the world, over a drink in a local pub, but one year later our plan is slowly becoming a reality

We discussed the type of vehicle we would use and all the advice we had led towards a 4 wheel drive and the best vehicle would probably be a Toyota Landcruiser. They’re reliable, easy to get parts for and can handle all the terrains that this trip would throw at us. So did we decided to kit out a Landcruiser. No we didn’t We’ve made the decision to continue with the van life we have grown to love and so we are going to do this amazing adventure in our campervan called Trudy.

So we must be mechanics or have the knowledge to fix Trudy on the road if anything goes wrong ! Of course not that would be far to easy, although we are planning to learn as much as we can before we leave.

We return to the UK, from our backpacking adventures in Central America at the end of June 2019. We will then have 6 months to fully adapt Trudy and make all the necessary plans needed to do this adventure.

The good news is that we are going to share all of it with you, from the planning stages, to the actual drive, the sights, the good the bad and everything in-between. You’ll get to come with us every step of the way. Videos will bring the adventure to life on our YouTube channel and we’ll be posting regular updates on our Instagram, Facebook and twitter pages.

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