meet tread the globe!

We started travelling full time in May 2018. In order to fulfill or dream of visiting every country in the world (in our van ‘Trudy’ or with a backpack). We needed to make our travels sustainable. So after selling all our belongings, we rented out our house in the UK to give us steady income. By living in our van & wild camping as much as possible, we kept our outgoings as low as we could. 

But to enable us to really see the world we had to come up with other income streams, so we started the YouTube channel, designed Tread the Globe merchandise, started the Tread Tribe Patreon page and set up some affiliate links. The more we are able to earn the more adventurous the travels we will be share with you.



We are Chris (50) and Marianne (53), a normal married couple from the UK. We were actually blind dated back in the summer of 1995

just a year and a week later... we were married.

Sometimes blind dates do work ! 25 years later we are still laughing and living our best lives.

Van Life Vloggers

" Travel And Adventure Has Always Played A Major Role In Our Lives."

Chris’s dad spent his whole life working British Airways and gave him the opportunity to have some great holidays growing up and they even lived in the USA, Australia and Singapore.

Marianne was also brought up with Adventure in her blood as her dad loved doing unusual trips, and took her sailing, on motorbike trips, and she even spent her childhood in France, so speaks French (where she gets her love of trying new languages from)…


Tread the Globe was officially launched in May 2018 and its aim is to inspire others, to live their dreams and to step out of their comfort zones. Dreams really do come true and we want to take you on this adventure with us.

Encouraged by our family and friends, we created a YouTube channel to bring our adventures to life, so that you can feel like you are travelling with us.

It is also a great way for us to capture the wonderful memories we are creating. We have now posted 390+ travel videos on our channel to share with you how and where we travel to in a fun and positive way.

"Our challenge is to set foot in every Country - In either Trudy our van or with a backpack before we die … or die trying !!"