Our adventurous travel plans and lifestyle change has already had quite a lot of media attention. 

In A VAN named TRUDY

Our initial interview for the BBC Social Media platforms had a whopping 3.7 million views on the BBC Midlands Facebook page and was also featured on the main BBC News home page.

Other media coverage includes

  • Follow up interview with BBC on our top sites from our European Vanlife adventure – to watch click here
  • We have been interviewed by our local radio station in the UK to listen click here
  • Featured on BBC Multi media podcast – click here to listen.
  • Interview on Talk Radio Europe – to listen click here
  • Been featured in newspapers in the UK
  • Appeared in online newspaper and TV station in El Salvador

Your company will potentially be seen by millions of people worldwide on our next adventure

El Salvador

We were interviewed on Channel 21 in El Salvador.

The Global adventure series is going to get a lot of media attention, after all it’s not your normal ‘Vanlife trip’.

You have a rare opportunity to be part of this unique adventure

Searching through YouTube and looking for that series that would help us to get ready, we soon realised it didn’t exist. Yes we actually found something that had not been done on YouTube. Yes there are videos on sections and overlanding videos, there are some channels who are actually working their way across the continents, but there isn’t a full series (or not that we could find) and that made us want to do it and film it even more. We have the opportunity to produce and promote unique content.

Online newspaper

Online newspaper in El Salvador.

“We couldn’t find a series on YouTube showing the planning of how to drive around the world”

We are planning to link in with various TV companies, newspapers and radio stations on our journey, and combined with all of the YouTube videos created over the next few years, your company or product will get huge exposure worldwide.

We feel it’s really important for us to only promote products and services that naturally fit into our adventures and lifestyle.  If you think you have a product or service that is suitable then please contact us directly.

We look forward to working with you

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